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Get Your Garage Organized from Floor to Ceiling

Since opening our doors in 2005, TGG Garage has designed and installed custom garage storage solutions for many satisfied customers. How many?
We’ve created over 7,000 floors with 15,000 cabinets and counting in Nashville, TN, and the surrounding communities. Whether you store gardening tools, sports equipment, automotive tools, or hobby and craft supplies in your garage, our team will get things put in their proper place and guarantee our products and workmanship with one of the best warranties in the industry! 


Garage Storage Solutions & Floor Coatings in Brentwood, TN

Serving the Greater Nashville Area

Is your garage so cluttered that you can't even park your car in it anymore? Do you spend hours trying to find tools, only to give up in frustration and go out to buy new ones? If this describes you, then you need to call TGG Garage! We are an independently-owned garage enhancement company based in Brentwood, TN, with over 15 years of experience helping residential and commercial customers throughout Nashville create clean, safe, and well-organized garages. Call today for a quote!

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Crafting Organized Storage & Clutter Free Spaces Since 2005

Are you tired of parking outside because your garage has become a storage nightmare? At TGG Garage, we're not just a business but your solution to reclaiming your garage. Our journey began in 2005 with a mission to help residents and businesses in Brentwood, TN, create functional, organized, and personalized garage spaces.
We understand the frustration of a cluttered garage where finding tools feels like an expedition. That's why we offer more than just garage storage solutions — we provide an experience tailored to your needs. Our competitive advantage lies in our commitment to delivering personalized products crafted to suit your lifestyle.

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7,000 Floors, 15,000 Cabinets, Countless Satisfied Customers

Since our inception, we've transformed over 7,000 garage floors and installed 15,000 custom cabinets in the greater Nashville area. We take pride in our extensive track record, but what truly matters is the satisfaction of our customers. Whether you're a gardening enthusiast, sports aficionado, or DIY enthusiast, our team is dedicated to putting everything in its proper place.
We stand by the quality of our products and workmanship, offering one of the best warranties in the industry. When you choose TGG Garage, you're not just investing in storage solutions — you're investing in peace of mind.

Silver custom cabinet and storage system from TGG Garage.


"An amazing floor that borders on a fine work of art. Rick is knowledgeable and dependable and has raised his floor installations to technical and aesthetic art. You would be badly mistaken if you think just anyone can do this. Don't risk it, go with the best at TTG Garage" - J. Cox

"Rick completed our house project originally over 6 years ago, and one of the 4 sections he installed for us needed to be reworked again, due to water issues, Rick got us on his schedule fairly quickly, finished the work up, and returned our patio to the original finished product again for us. We are very happy with working with Rick, and can highly recommend him to anyone else looking for a professional, high quality person, who truly cares about his customers and the final work product. Fair pricing as well for the end to end work product !!" - C. Humphries

"I can’t believe the care Rick took with our project. We are more than pleased and highly recommend TGG Garage" - L. Stone


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