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Innovative Flooring Solutions For Sports Courts

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Our dedication to bringing science and advanced technology to sport surfaces has resulted in surfacing systems that provide sport specific optimum performance for both player and surface.

Quality Products
Our products feature 100% Acrylic Resins to ensure long-term protection from all the elements, and maximum resistance to the sun's damaging ultraviolet degradation. 

Professional Service
Our unique distribution network supports a national and worldwide network of professional sport surfacing contractors to provide project owners with on site recommendations and application services.

Tennis Systems
Topspins, slices, and drop shots react consistently. A tight grip to your shoes provides excellent traction. These qualities provide unmatched playability for all players- recreational to professional.

For enhanced comfort, our ProCushion Systems reduce impact shock and muscle fatigue associated with asphalt and concrete hard courts. Added layers of CushionMaster increase shock attenuation for better health and longer playing comfort, especially for older players.

Our tennis court surfacing systems can be installed to meet specific IT surface pace ratings.

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The addition of a Clear Coat not only extends the life of our sports surfaces, but also allows for routine, inexpensive maintenance of high-wear areas such as basketball "keys" and goal creases.

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A 100% acrylic system is designed to provide a durable, in-depth color system. From casual skating to skate parks to the high-impact rigors of in-line hockey, our acrylic system provides the optimum surface. Ice Blue and Dove Gray are hockey colors designed for puck contrast. The full color pallet can be utilized for skate parks.

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Rubber-filled system that is ideal for walking trails and middle school tracks where spikes are not worn. Also an excellent maintenance system for latex and urethane running tracks where spikes are.


The Acrylic System

For Asphalt And Concrete Surfaces. 100% Acrylic Color Coatings for tennis courts and multipurpose sports surfaces.


The ProCushion Tennis System

The Ultimate Tennis Court Surface. The ultimate professional and residential cushioned surface. This 100% acrylic emulsion system is designed to provide optimum resilience and spin -responsive play.


The Skating System

High-performance surface Coating Designed For One Of The Hottest Sports:The skating system is 100% acrylic coating designed to provide a durable surface for in-line skating. From casual skating to the rigors of competitive in-line hockey, it provides the optimum surface. The standard colors are Ice Blue and Dove Gray.


Sport Surfaces Care Instructions


Better Crafted Sports Courts


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