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Closet Floor-mounted or Hanging System

Made with high-quality material: wood core melamine
Custom sizes
¾" thick shelves
¾" thick panels
Same color inside and outside

Gallery of custom closet and cabinet solutions from TGG Garage.

Closet Color Selection

Enhance your closet's appeal with our diverse color selection, providing a palette of options to harmonize with your taste and create a customized, organized haven.

Closet color selection from TGG Garage.
Custom storage system housing golf bags and accessories.

Make It Work for You

With TGG Closets, we offer standard or custom design systems built for your closet needs. Your closet package can be customized with organizational systems tailored to your taste, lifestyle, and intended purpose. The finished product will add value to your house and make your closet a functional, organized part of your home.


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